800 S. Pickett Street
 • Alexandria, Virginia 22304
Shop Office (703) 751-8585
 • Fax (703) 751-2741 •  www.varcometalfab.com



Virginia Roofing and Sheet Metal was Founded in 1925. Located in Alexandria, VA., the sheet metal fabrication shop was initially formed to support the company’s high volume of roofing needs.

Over the years, the sheet metal fabrication shop was being utilized by other roofing contractors and a multitude of various other trades, HVAC, Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing to name just a few. It was then apparent that the sheet metal fabrication shop could stand alone as its own business. Hence, in the 1980s, the sheet metal shop was established, now officially known as ‘VARCO’ Metal Fabricators, a Division of Virginia Roofing Corp.

Today, VARCO Metal Fabricators has evolved into a well oiled machine. Specializing in CUSTOM sheet metal fabrication, our clientele has expanded to a vast number of not only businesses, but also homeowners. Able to modify an existing metal dining table, repair or replicate a favorite metal planter, our capabilities are endless.

VARCO's success over the decades has been built on team-work and having the right skilled personnel for each individual job.